Ingenious Way of Using Welding Helmet in a Band’s Music Videos

A welding helmet also is known as a hood is necessary personal protective equipment for welders. A perfect example can be seen in The work of the mask is to protect the skin and eyes from vision-damaging infrared rays and severe sparks. Musicians are now using welding helmets to show off their personalities when making music videos. To make their videos more entertaining, they are highly investing in these helmets. One can easily customize a cool welding helmet for their music videos depending on how you want it to look like. Different companies are offering welding helmets in various models, style, graphic designs and many more. Musicians use welding helmets as props in their music videos for various reasons. Here are some ways in which these helmets can be used in videos:

To Hide the Identity
You have maybe seen music videos where the celebrities never reveal their faces. Band members and musicians can use welding helmets to hide their faces from the audience. An example is Daft Punk musicians who have announced their names to their supporters but attend all interview wearing their helmets. No one knows how they look like which might be their selling point since everyone is hoping to see their face some day.

Police Helmet
Musicians and band members use welding helmet as police helmet. Sergeants and police constables traditionally wore the police helmets also known as custodian helmet. The helmet may have both straps on the sides. In case the music video involves a police officer when he or she should be fully dressed and have a police helmet on to complete his or her look.

One can use welding helmet as cool goggles in his or her music videos. Using good visual aids like classy helmet goggles is an excellent technique of adding variety, interest, and humor to your video. People tend to remember and hold onto those extra-ordinary moments rather than listening to written words. Helmet goggles are mostly used when then the video involves some scientific facts, or maybe there will be some fire sparks in the video.

One can also use a welding helmet to act like a clown in the video. You are only required to craft your helmet depending on the type of clown you want to be. This will enhance the visibility and believability of the music video. The world best musicians who wear helmets when performing are known for their innovative music as well as their dynamic live performances.

Army Helmet
Artists have a way of connecting with the audience and encourage them during their struggles. There are lots of songs with a military theme and soldiers involved. For this, producers may use a welding helmet to act as the soldiers’ helmet in the videos. Using real props like army helmets in music videos brings the audience the reality of how military life is. Band members and musicians do not have to buy the real things when shooting music videos. They need to use right and original visual aid props to inject life, humor and much more to their videos. Audience prefer when the artists have the prop on like wearing the helmet themselves. This will send the message, theme and even the metaphor.

Entertain your audience by giving them the best show using the best props like welding helmets.