The Best Exercises and Sports for Band Members

The Best Exercises and Sports for Band Members If you’re in a band, then you know that staying in shape is essential. Not only does it help you look and feel your best, but it also helps you play better. This blog post will discuss the best exercises and sports for band members. We’ll also […]

Hard Water vs. Soft Water: Which is Safer for Your Band Members?

Is your water soft or hard? What makes the water soft or hard? And… Is one type of water healthier and safer for drinking than the other? These are questions that cross the minds of many people. Water is clear but may contain chemicals and minerals. High mineral concentrations in water make it hard. Water […]

6 Healthy Eating Tips for Musicians on Tour

Touring is an essential aspect of every musician’s career. Musicians embark on tours as a way to make money, but ultimately to increase their fan bases. Most tours, international or national, involve constant traveling, nightly performances, and little rest. With such a hectic schedule, musicians on tour often resort to fast food to subsist for […]