Resonating Success: A Young Musician’s Guide to Achieving Greatness

Professional musician playing a digital piano in his studio, creativity and arts concept

Being a great musician takes more than just talent – it requires the right combination of skill, passion, and dedication. Whether you are an aspiring teen singer-songwriter looking to launch your career in music or an already established performer trying to take it up a notch, this post will guide you through the necessary steps […]

How Young Musicians Fall into the Trap of Fraud

Point of view pulling the tape out of an old fashioned music cassette tape.

Aspiring young musicians often face numerous challenges and obstacles in their quest to achieve success in the music industry. However, one of the most troubling issues affecting these budding artists is the prevalence of unscrupulous business practices. These practices range from predatory contracts to outright scams that exploit the hopes and dreams of young musicians, […]