Off Cam: The Life of Celebrities Behind The Camera

To be really honest, for people like us leading regular lives, we feel that celebrities set an example for us; or rather we keep them as examples for ourselves. We get fanatic over them and at times this fanaticism transforms itself into an eccentricity and obsession, there are die-hard fans of these celebrities. We feel that they are really lucky to be the owners of such immense amounts of wealth, we get attracted to their glittery lives, try to imitate their style and the fashion trends set up by them.

So, in short, celebrities serve as outlets for us from our regular drudgery. We become curious to know about their personalities off the screen.

We do not realize that we are almost worshipping them as idols. But have we ever really wondered what their lives actually are like behind the camera? We all think that celebrities love attention and publicity and they are lucky to enjoy them too. We get our lives intricately intertwined with the lives we fantasize them to lead and this fantasy of ours provides food and material for the media to manipulate on to get viewership for their channels and the celebrities are the ones to bear the brunt of it.

The representatives of the media go out on a hunting campaign on the personal life of a celebrity and bring out a fabricated and sensational story about him or her in the newspaper of the very next day. We, the regular people get sensationalized by them. But we forget in the midst of all these that the celebrities are human beings too and despite the immense amount of popularity that they enjoy, they too desire a private life of their own like we all do.

All of us remember the tragic death of Princess Diana due to her car accident and we know that the responsibility of its occurrence lies mainly with the paparazzi photographers who were stalking her to catch the private moment of Princess Diana with her then boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, who was begotten by an Egyptian billionaire. This incident is an example of how the safety of the celebrities is threatened because of our deadly obsession with them and the role of the shameful media. The celebrities have to almost hide and cannot even come out in the open and go out on friendly dates with their near and dear ones because of the fear of the unwanted attention that they may incur. So, the simplest things of life are not possible with these celebrities because of the fear of being stalked by an invisible camera.

The celebrities have to overcome too many problems in their lives and they always have to be cautious about not getting defamed by the media in front of the public because the simplest of their deeds may acquire a hugely negative stature in the hands of the media. So, now we know that there is a huge difference between the reel and the reality of the celebrities. Just as the lives of any human being, their lives are also not smooth because they have to work hard to constantly live up to the expectations of the public and on top of that they have to deal with the paparazzi.

Their off-screen lives are mainly governed by anxiousness because people have this curiosity to know every single detail about them behind the camera and this curiosity serves as a juicy bone for the media.

Tips on How to Survive During Winter

Winter is probably the season when most people are lazy because of the cold weather. But the tough challenges of the weather can be faced without hassle to maintain yourself warm. Follow these simple tips this winter to keep yourself warm:

Make sure you also put on a warm sweater inside to stay warm in winter.

Hot drinks warm you up. Sip on hot cider, herbal teas, and hot todies. I like to make a decaffeinated, non-alcoholic homemade spicy cider to keep the Arctic monkeys at bay. It’s so easy to do and it costs pennies a cup. In a pot of water, slice some apples or carrots and toss in the berries that you have on hand. I like frozen cranberries and blueberries. Then grate some fresh ginger and sprinkle with plenty of cinnamon. Set the crockpot low, put a lid on it, and you always have a soothing drink on hand.

If you feel like you have a cold, you should take a SUPER HOT shower. Turn the oven up to warm the house up and inflate the shower to SCALDING HOT to warm the shower stall. If the bathroom is nice and steamy, go inside and thaw under the SPRAY until you feel warm and melted. Dry with big fluffy towels and wrap yourself in a spa robe until you are completely dry and comfortable.

Do not increase the temperature of your thermostat too much. Regulate it if your room gets too warm and if you leave the house or go to sleep, reduce it by 5-10 degrees. This can reduce your electricity bill.

When it’s cold outside and you join an episode of SURVIVOR, BUYING HAWAII or HAWAII 5-0, you’ll feel like you’re in a soft, tropical paradise. Put your feet into a hot, vibrant foot, and you can almost imagine the ocean warming through your toes.

Yes, it could destroy your perfect hairstyle, but wearing a hat will hold 20% of your body heat, so make headgear a part of your winter style. Hats can put on or take off an outfit and highlight you in a crowd. And they are not just for outdoors – indoor hats can keep you warm even in the hottest offices. Looking for unusual and funky hats that position you as a fashion pioneer. Wear them at a delightful angle and with a kick in your crotch, and soon you will begin a “hate” new trend among your friends.

Winter is a great time to enjoy all your favorite dishes or to try some of the new recipes you’ve been longing for. And spend time “slave work over a hot stove” lol is a great way to warm up! Why not make something spicy and decadent like Thai coconut curry soup. Combine the luscious creaminess of coconut milk with lemon grass, lime leaves, spicy curry, ginger and delicately chopped chicken to create a heavenly soup that will warm your soul. Sip on it while thinking about these other tips, and you will soon be radiantly warm – both indoors and out.

You need warm drinking water and warm water for the shower to keep you warm.

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Simple Exercises For Singers On Tour

Most people in today’s workforce don’t really love or even like their job. They simply do it for the money because they need the money to survive. While working for a job you dislike may keep you afloat in the short run, in the long run, it’ll only go to ensure that your situation never improves.

A fact of life is that to be good at something, one needs to really enjoy doing it. Think back to examples in your own life. Consider when you needed to study for exams. Which subjects did you do better in? The ones you despised and hated studying for? Or the ones which you genuinely enjoyed and loved reading and learning about?

Steve Jobs said that to be successful in life you need to do great work and the only way to do great work is to do what you love. No one exemplifies these truisms better than singers. People employed as singers report high levels of job satisfaction and enjoyment. Most people who work as singers do it because they really enjoy singing. In other words, they love their job so much that they stop thinking about it as work that they need to do. They don’t sing for the money, they sing because it makes them feel genuinely happy.

However, amidst all the joy and enjoyment of singing, many singers and live performers forget to take care of one of the essential facets of their life: their body. Many singers neglect to exercise enough. There are many reasons for this. Early in their career, many singers need to work a lot to prove their talent and thus, don’t have much time to do anything else. Hence, they eschew many other things from their life. This includes working out then, once a singer because established in the industry, they lack time because they are going on tours all the time to perform. These tours take them all over the country, and many times, all over the world as well Naturally, this means that a singer ends up spending a lot of time traveling and not much time for exercising. However, despite the time crunch, it is always possible to get back in shape.

The first step is to watch workout videos Netflix. Netflix and YouTube have many programs and videos about working out and which exercises are most effective. A singer on the move should focus on those exercises that can be completed in the least amount of time and with minimal extra equipment or even just when seating. The reason for the former stipulation is explained above. The reasoning behind the latter requirement is that while a singer, is on tour and travelling, he or she probably won’t have access to many resources for the purpose of working out Thus, exercises shouldn’t require complicated equipment that is hard to find and transport and stick to basic exercises that can still adequately train the body.

The most important thing when it comes to working it is staying motivated. Thus a singer should have a community of friends and family members who constantly support him and guide him to do better. Other than that motivational videos also help to boost morale a lot.